Baby Peach Booties


These are baby booties crocheted for Hafsa but I couldn’t gift it to her cos I came to know Hafsa’s right and left feet are the same size. So they go in my almirah.



Rocking Chair Afghan

This throw took me three weeks to complete and a whole lot of sewing the crocheted parts which I hate. But when it was finally done and was draped over the rocking chair it was simply a treat to the eyes! and remains so after six months!20131212_220202



It was made in 35 parts that were stitched together.


This is the pattern that I had lazily drawn on my phone. The circles here are either hexagons or squares and not circles but circles are so much easier to draw! The colors orange, navy blue and purple have equal share in the throw. Ofcourse the pattern is not mine but was taken from somewhere and adjusted to my taste.

Sofa handrest

This is Ripple pattern. Ever since I tried this stitch I fell in love with it. I think the beauty of this stitch lies in the whole thing being so symmetrical that you are left in awe. I have been wanting to do more things out of this pattern but no time! This piece was made for the sofa.