Phone Pouch

A simple cream-n-burgundy pouch for my phone. It has Ubaid’s toy mobile in it right now cos its my fone that I am taking this pic with.

Looking for some great yarn?


Summer Frock

A summer frock that will fit a 3-6 month old baby. It’s cotton and acrylic blend. I guess this cream-n-peach frock will go to one of ¬†our friends’ just-born.

Crochet balls


Crochet balls for Ubaid and Ammar to play.
Ammar loved his orange ball so much that he goes after it like a cat would go after a toy it takes a liking to and Ammar, again like a cat, would scratch the ball in amusement.
But Ubaid declared Ammar is not ready to play with a ball yet. So I guess all these are for my elder son until Ammar is ‘ready’ to play with balls.